The future of Retail is coming into focus.

Consumers want to keep it simple. They want a convenient, personalized shopper journey that accommodates their lifestyle and preferences. However, in order to deliver this seamless, omni-channel retail experience, retailers need to unify their end-to-end value chain.

What’s the ultimate driver for this integrated, simple retail model? Technology.

NRF (National Retail Federation) is Retail’s Big Show, and it’s right around the corner. This year’s theme is “Vision,” as retailers are approaching the new year with a whole new perspective (or, 20/20 vision).

Cisco Retail NRF

At Cisco, we see a bright future for retail too. We are helping retailers envision their own market potential, by connecting the unconnected through our innovative technologies and solutions, every day.

Visit Cisco at NRF Booth #3754 to experience our origin to consumption (or grape to glass) booth journey. We will show how the right technologies can connect the end-to-end retail experience from production to distribution to in-store and even in-home engagement.

From IoT sensors in the fields, to RFID tags, to security cameras and central management of the network that brings it all together, you’ll see just how IT can cultivate brand affinity and help streamline operations for cost-saving efficiencies. An AR demo for wine products, a smart home refrigerator, and a virtual sommelier are just a few highlights among the 17 demo areas throughout the entire grape to glass booth journey.

Hear from our speakers

We’ll also have two Big Idea Sessions at the show.

Cisco Big Ideas sessions at nrf 2020: The hidden key to a transformative in-store customer experience ; and Harness the power of data with a digital platform


We look forward to seeing you in New York City!


Visit our Cisco at NRF webpage for more details on our presence at the show.



Nicki Vereschagin

Global Retail Marketing Content Strategist

Global Industries Marketing