Business technology, by its nature, is complex. That’s how we all got here – by selling the complexity. But, unfortunately, this hasn’t always led to the best customer experience.

Customers want to enjoy the value of our solutions without the complexities. So we need to make things easy for them by providing a simple digital end-to-end experience that eases their path to value and is tied to their business outcomes.

J.B. Wood, CEO of the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), says that success in the second wave of digital transformation requires businesses to:

    • Move from complexity to simplicity
    • Focus on the digital customer experience
    • Help customers climb the value ladder

Getting this right leads to lower costs, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction, faster growth, and larger market share. At Cisco, we believe this begins with our partner relationships, data, insights, and innovation.


Helping You Help Your Customers

Cisco is and always will be a partner-led company, leading through innovation. We know how critical data and insights are in helping your customers along their respective journeys.

Lifecycle Advantage Success Program Insights, announced at Partner Summit 2021, gives you, our Cisco partners, the customer insights, visibility, and recommended actions you need to drive customer success and customer experience at scale.

As Anisha Sivakumar, Cisco VP of Customer Success Management, explained to CRN.com, “We’re trying to give our partners the same level of visibility, insights, and actionability that we give our own internal customer success resources.”

This digitally-led program lets you see where customers are in the lifecycle, if and where they are stuck along the way, and the renewal risk – providing actionable insights for you to use to help your customers move forward.

Additionally, we’ll continue to enhance the platform with new Success Programs, customer insights, UI optimizations, and capabilities such as:

    • Proactive CSM notifications
    • Streamlined customer success digital consent process
    • Eight new Success Programs (including ThousandEyes and SD-WAN)
    • Interface and “customer view” customizations

But that’s not all we’re excited about.


Giving Your Customers What They Want

Innovation starts with listening. Listening to your concerns and those of your customers has led to some of our greatest accomplishments.

So, when DataVox CEO Steve Ferguson said, “Enabling customers to purchase and renew all of their installed base online and via credit card is an evolution we must make,” we listened. By working together, we were able to develop a B2C-like digital experience that meets your customers’ needs – Cisco Lifecycle Advantage Commerce Automation E-Storefronts. 

Providing our partners the ability to deliver a quote to a customer and allow the customer to configure and order that quote by “punching out” to the partner’s online storefront is a game-changer.

Customers, especially in the low-dollar space, expect frictionless transactions and are losing patience with complexity. Lifecycle Advantage Commerce Automation E-Storefronts simplifies transactions and meets your customers where they are, digitally.


Never Underestimate the Value of (Digital) Customer Experience:

With Lifecycle Advantage Success Program Insights and Commerce Automation E-Storefronts, we’re embracing digital to enhance the customer experience, helping increase ROI, adding customer value through partner-led digital engagement, and leading customer success across the Cisco portfolio.

Our promise to you, our partners, is to continue rethinking traditional business complexities and simplifying them through innovation. Together we will define and provide the best digital customer experience in the industry, transforming processes and fostering customer loyalty and relationships along the way.


Learn More About Lifecycle Advantage’s New Capabilities to Accelerate Customer Success, Renewals and Growth

Watch the SuccessTalk Here 


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John Stone

Senior Director, Digital Customer Experience

Customer Experience Organization