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Success is best when shared, and that’s why I love witnessing our partners as committed as we are to seeing SecureX win. Since it’s launched, we’ve seen partners embrace SecureX in a lot of innovative ways. Yves Mertens, the Security Partner/Channel Sales Leader in EMEAR, recently told me about a particularly exciting campaign that Natilik is running in the UK.

In September, Natilik launched a “SecureX – Simplify Your Security” campaign. It’s a concerted effort to accelerate SecureX demos and product trials across the Cisco Security portfolio. The campaign includes:

  • Multiple SecureX webinars to drive trials and build pipeline
  • Clear and compelling SecureX email campaign highlighting the platform benefits and trial offers
  • Targeted social media campaigns as well as incorporating it into seasonal winter holiday campaigns and incentives
  • Creating bespoke MSP offerings wrapping services and innovation into SecureX set up and configuration
  • Working with internal New Business Sales teams for lead generation call out days, as well as outside lead gen partners
  • Internal SecureX training sessions

In the first few months of the campaign, Natilik has already engaged 30 of their top customers and continues to target over 250 of their key clients and prospects. And they are hearing positive feedback and experiencing wins firsthand.

In an industry that can be complex and daunting, Natilik suggests that SecureX provides simplified visibility, allowing customers to view the important data that matters specifically to them. “With SecureX being cloud delivered and its support of API integrations, it allows deployment and configuration to be achieved without drama,” said Stewart Andrews, Solutions Architect at Natilik.

Through SecureX’s integration with Umbrella, the ability to investigate an individual domain leveraging Talos intelligence and then remediate the threat (if necessary), all from a single dashboard reduces complexity and delivers efficiency.

When positioning Cisco Security products either through discussions or demonstrations, Natilik inevitably includes SecureX, as it is recognized as a valuable component to any Cisco solution.

“Natilik looks to SecureX to provide a common platform between Natilik and its clients to monitor and manage security events and alerts,” said Mr. Andrews. “With the integration across multiple Cisco Security products and holistic collaboration features, SecureX is ideally positioned to enhance the support provided by Natilik’s Technical Support Services allowing us to deliver a pro-active and immediate response.”

Natilik’s Solutions Architect continued, “With the majority of Natilik’s clients consuming multiple sources for threat intelligence, the SecureX platform could become a central repository supporting both Talos and third-party feeds.  We are excited to be side by side with Cisco on the SecureX development journey and to see capabilities extended further, using the Orchestration features to automatically remediate and act on information provided.”

I encourage you to look at your security practice and examine how leading with SecureX can deliver a simplified experience, improved visibility, better efficiency resulting in stellar customer results just like Natilik has done.

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Frank Lento

Sr. Director, Global Security Sales, Partnerships & Ecosystems

Global Security Sales Organization