IoT, also known as the “Internet of things,” is one of the OGs of technology buzz words. From software to wearables, just about every technology company and sensor provider has a different definition of IoT and its application to their market. With so many kinds of technology companies claiming to be an IoT provider, how do we know what IoT actually is? The reality is that IoT is not a one-size-fits-all application.

According to an Accenture study, the Industrial Internet of Things could add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

IoT is a concept that is still changing the industry and will continue transforming the way people perceive and consume technology. IoT is not a point product; no single technology vendor in the world can deliver on the full promise of IoT and offer one complete solution. On the contrary, IoT is a collaborative effort across the industry and provides us with new opportunities to engage with different vendors and combine our distinct areas of expertise.

Bridging Technology Worlds with the Promise of IoT

At Cisco, we understand this challenge and know we need to work with the best partners to drive the full promise of IoT and business impact. We continuously rise to the opportunity and are taking the next step forward to engage with new resellers and providers that are not our traditional IT partners.

This speaks loudly to how we are bridging the IT and OT worlds. These are two very unique technology areas, which consistently create new partnerships with providers that specialize in delivering products and services to Operational Technologies (OT) departments and buyers across industrial industries, such as manufacturing, mining, waste management and utilities. While IT and OT come from very different perspectives of the business, customers realize much more value when IT and OT come together to solve challenges.

The Value of a Digital Platform in the OT Environment

Our OT partners understand the complexity and inner-workings of industrial environments – from how operational VPs design, operate and maintain their processes; to the excruciating impact downtime can have on any single operational activity. Our OT partners know that every second of nonproduction has an enormous cost associated because their customers are not losing just downtime. For any downtime issue, customers can lose millions of dollars for every hour a factory, plant or production operation is down. Our OT partners bring a whole new level of understanding to these issues, which is especially valuable in a year like 2020 with many operational disruptions.

Cisco, on the other hand, understands how critical a digital platform can be to any customer. Cisco innovations incorporate tools that create a solid foundation to extract data insights. Today, data extraction and analysis are crucial to executing IoT projects and initiatives effectively. Furthermore, Cisco combines powerful data analytics and insights tools with rock-solid, critical security infrastructure that minimizes operational risk. Together, Cisco and our OT partners realize and deliver on the pillars of Industry 4.0, the smart factory era. Our joint customers can now securely extract data from the vast array of equipment and sensors to obtain the valuable information that can reshape operations and enhance the customer experience.

Cisco’s transformative vision for OT starts with a set of products for the edge, including industrial infrastructure, security and visibility, as well as data management capabilities. Our acclaimed Industrial SwitchesCisco Cyber Vision and Edge Intelligence are just some of the tools we have for OT professionals that provide new skills to overcome daily challenges. Along with our OT Partners, we enhance our customers’ ability to improve their operations and gain valuable data insights.

If you are an OT reseller and are looking to learn more about how Cisco IoT Solutions can elevate your differentiation and create value for your customers, send us an email and we’ll share our vision with you. And Happy IoT Selling!


Andres Ruiz

Senior Business Development Manager

Global Partner Organization