The world is complex and the pace of change is accelerating. New technologies drive innovation and growth. But what happens with that growth? An increasing amount of IT challenges related to managing those support contracts within complex heterogeneous environments. We hear from customers and the industry this is a rising concern which can be a barrier to innovation.

Estimates indicate businesses have 20+ vendors based on increasing infrastructures and other projects. Over time, managing multiple support and service contracts continues to increase the complexity. Challenges arise when something breaks and not knowing which vendor to call. As customers work with more and more vendors, they need support across their entire solution, not just for individual point products. Don’t take my word for it, check out this video to find out more.

WHERE TO START? Ask yourself a few question about your business:

  • How many technology vendors are you working with today?
  • Do you have the staff and resources to manage all the issues?
  • Do you have the time to coordinate resources between vendors?
  • Can you afford downtime while you are working to resolve issues?

If answering these questions causes you concern, select a vendor that provides the right support for mixed environments and ensures you’re covered.

Want more info? Click here to view a Solution Support live stream from Cisco Live Berlin, Germany.

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Michelle Tschudy

Marketing Manager

Cisco Services