Amanda Cumberland

Senior Director, Reporting and Governance

Chief Sustainability Office

Amanda Cumberland is the lead of Reporting and Governance for the Chief Sustainability Office at Cisco Systems. In this role, she leads Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-focused, research, reporting, program impact measurement, ESG indices, and customer inquiries. She is responsible for data-driven business insights to inform strategy and portfolio decisions, bespoke research, and impact measurement for Sustainability initiatives and offerings. She has expertise in statistical analysis, measurement, bespoke research, model creation, market research, program evaluation, strategy, metrics creation, impact measurement, external assurance, and ESG reporting. Amanda has a passion for helping to create positive impact for people and the planet and believes data and technology can help solve the world’s most pressing problems. Her focus has been CSR/ESG strategy, leading teams, research, analytics, impact measurement, metrics, and reporting for 20 years at Cisco. Before working for Cisco, she attended a Ph.D. program at Arizona State University with an emphasis on statistics. Amanda has published numerous empirical and theoretical research articles in top-tier academic journals based on multiple NIMH and NIH-funded research grants and has taught graduate-level statistics courses at Arizona State University.


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