Walt Shaw

Director, Product Management

Enterprise Networking Group (ENG)

Walt Shaw is Director of Product Management, Wireless, in the Enterprise Networking Group (ENG) at Cisco, and is responsible for the indoor and outdoor Access Point product portfolio, including the award-winning Cisco Aironet 3700 series with modularity and HD Experience technology. Walt has over 15 years experience in wireless, security and infrastructure technologies in roles in Engineering, Business Development and Product Management/Marketing.


February 16, 2015


Cisco the Voice Over Wi-Fi Leader: Improves New Features and Performance

3 min read

Voice over Wi-Fi With its native support in Apple’s iOS 8.0, Voice over Wi-Fi (aka Wi-Fi Calling) has suddenly gotten a lot of attention. With Voice over Wi-Fi, a mobile...

July 25, 2014


Not All 802.11ac AP’s are Created Equal: Demand the Full Story

2 min read

It’s always interesting and often entertaining to observe how competitors promote their products and what they choose to focus on—and more importantly, what they choose not to focus on and...

January 7, 2014


Prepare Your Networks for High Density without Compromising on Performance

1 min read

A new year means new users and new devices. More devices means more network crowding. Mobile users demand bandwidth and speed, while the network is increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer...

October 9, 2013


Top 7 Facts to Know about Cisco HD Experience Technology

2 min read

Last week, we announced at Interop-NY  our newest Indoor Access Point, the Aironet 3700 Series. This access Point includes an integrated 802.11ac radio and is the first and only access...