Rajiv Asati

CTO & Cisco Fellow


Rajiv Asati is a CTO, Cisco Fellow & VP, Services Innovations with global strategic and extensive industry knowledge focusing on digital transformations and outcomes. He is responsible for advancing technology strategy & transformative solutions for "Cloud, Service Providers & Enterprises" and for partnering with CxOs & teams for alignment on business and operational outcomes. He is recognized for leading high performing teams and incubating large scale engineering solutions that improve time-to-adoption/value for customers globally. He drives a significant focus on cross-Architecture opportunities collaborating with BE/TG leaders etc., while keeping a sharp data-driven focus on Customers’ objectives. He has led x-functional, x-cultural & x-technology teams that focus on end-to-end solutions as well as services execution and operationalization, enabling customer success across SPs and Enterprises, and setting new records in transformation. He is widely recognized for leading global teams that directly contributed to disruptive customer success such as Reliance Jio since 2012 (grew 0 to $1B+ revenue), Rakuten Mobile since 2018 (grew 0 to $0.5B+ revenue) etc., as well as for leading large scale global initiatives such as Cable IP NGN solution architecture (CESNA) (grew 0 to $220M+ revenue influence), NFV Services business line since 2014 (grew 0 to $50M+ revenue) etc. from incubation through launch through customer adoption & support. He is passionate about driving innovations 130+ patents, for contributing to industry standards (25+ industry publications (IETF, IEEE, CableLabs, NCTA, SCTE)) and for adopting open-source projects such as Legato on github etc. Also Certified - AWS (SA + CP), Cisco (CCDE + CCIE) etc. He has been a distinguished speaker at many industry recognized conferences e.g. InterOp, MPLS/NFV World Congress, NCTA, SCTE, Connect(X), APRICOT, Internet Society, CiscoLive/Networkers, GSX, SEVTs, EBCs etc. He has been on the board of 3 companies as well and also an executive sponsor for 2 customers - Hitachi & Mondalez. Previously, Rajiv led the CTO team within CX/Services. Before joining Cisco, he contributed to the development and deployment of Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) solutions at AT&T Labs and with Nortel Networks developing SS7 and ISDN protocols stack. Emerging Trends in IoT and Edge Application Management in a Cloud Native Paradigm