Michael Hopfinger

Director of Marketing

Architecture and Partner Marketing - Americas

Michael has worked in Channel Marketing for over a decade, with experience on both the Technology Integrator side as well as Cisco’s.

He started at Cisco in 2001, where he held roles in both the Corporate and Partner Marketing organizations – before leaving the company in 2008 to take on a Field Business Development role, and later the Director of Marketing job, at one of Cisco’s global distributors.

Michael returned to Cisco in 2012 to manage the Americas Distribution Marketing team, before taking on the role leading all of Americas Partner Marketing.

Recently, Michael’s responsibilities have expanded and he is now leading the Americas Segment, Product and Partner Marketing organization.

Before entering the wonderful world of Cisco, Michael worked as a project and PR lead for a national marketing firm. That followed a brief career in politics in which he served as a legislative aide and campaign manager.

In his free time, Michael enjoys hiking, fishing and otherwise spending time outdoors.

He holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Missouri.

Michael is married with five children, and currently resides in St. Louis, MO.


June 9, 2021


Why Every Midsize Business Needs a Security Strategy

3 min read

Cisco recently released the 2021 Security Outcomes Study for SMBs, focusing on how small and midsize companies are investing in security to meet priorities.

February 8, 2021


The 2021 IT Outlook for Midsize Businesses: 3 Takeaways

3 min read

To better understand midsize IT needs and strategies, IDG and Cisco conducted global research on midsize companies and their changing approaches to technology. Discover the results for midsize financial services companies here.

April 15, 2020


Between Velocity in Person & Virtual Velocity, There’s an Abridged Version

2 min read

This year, instead of recognizing our Marketing Velocity Innovator Award winners at our annual live event, I want to make sure we do so virtually. They deserve this recognition and more. Here are the top performing marketing partners across the Americas who executed creative campaigns or marketing initiatives with great results:

January 14, 2020


Taking a Multi-Discipline Approach to Cyber Security

2 min read

Ever wonder what the similarities are between preparing for and completing a triathlon and the world of cybersecurity in the year 2020? Well wonder no longer. 

November 21, 2019


Building Your Unique Value Proposition

3 min read

What makes you unique? What gives you a competitive advantage? Michael Hopfinger discusses the importance of creating a unique value proposition in order to differentiate themselves.

September 30, 2019


A Year-Round Commitment

3 min read

A couple of items come to mind as we publish this blog on the last day of September. First, it marks the end of the United States federal buying season....

August 23, 2019


Partner Perspective: We Are Listening

3 min read

One of the best ways for us to get input is from events where we can personally interact with and listen to multiple partners.

July 10, 2019


A Very Special Day in The History of Recurring Revenue

3 min read

There is a little known “holiday” that is celebrated in the baseball world that came and went earlier this month, so happy (belated) Bobby Bonilla Day!

May 29, 2019


Bridge to Extraordinary

2 min read

Whether you’re an “ordinary chap” from New Zealand or a “Pool Guy” from Virginia - we are all able to accomplish extraordinary things.

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