Mark Hill

Vice President

Cisco Digitization Office

As Vice President Offer Monetization Office (OMO) for Cisco, Mark Hill is the driving force behind the transformation of Cisco’s monetization strategy. Hill leads the organization responsible for driving the development of new software-based offers, for unifying and modernizing customer buying programs, and for guiding the transition to a new software-led customer and partner engagement approach to meet evolving market needs.

His team is responsible for Cisco ONE, a simpler more flexible way for customers to buy and manage Cisco infrastructure software, and Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA), a single, simple agreement covering the entire Cisco software portfolio that enables customers to get the most value out of their Cisco technology investments.

Hill has over 30 years of technology leadership experience with expertise in enterprise sales, marketing, partnerships, and licensing. He joined Cisco after 24 years at Microsoft where most recently he was Vice President of Open Source Sales and Marketing, responsible for developing a business strategy to build a Microsoft business on Open Source software on the Azure Platform. During his tenure at Microsoft he received the Bill Gates Chairman’s Award twice.

Hill also held roles as Vice President Enterprise Partners where he developed strategic partnerships with the company’s largest system integrators, outsourcers and ISVs; as General Manager of the company’s Deal Factory where he led the creative renegotiation of hundreds of customer agreements to maintain annuity relationships while assisting customers to lower costs during the financial crisis; and as General Manager of Sales Excellence where he built and executed a strategy to optimize country-level execution of the Microsoft global annuity strategy. Hill also held the role of Chief of Staff for the Microsoft COO in the early 2000s. Prior to that, Hill managed Microsoft’s end-to-end business across Africa.

Mark holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, both from the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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