This week we announced a major addition to the Cisco software innovation available through the Cisco Enterprise Agreement (Cisco EA) with the introduction of the Data Center enrollment. As more and more of the functionality and value of technology is enabled by software, we’re responding to the market by making it dramatically simpler to acquire and manage Cisco software.

The new Data Center enrollment for the Cisco EA, available March 18, will give customers access to a wide range of Cisco data center technology including seven key product suites — Cisco ACI, Hyperflex, Intersight, Tetration, Cloud Center, Container Platform and Workload Optimization Manager.

Cisco EA enrollments are a simplified building block approach to buying and managing software and services, while simultaneously adding more customer value. Enrollments allow the customer to enter into a Cisco EA that exactly meets their business requirements now, and make it incredibly simple to expand later on, using the same agreement under the same terms and conditions, without penalties.

The Data Center enrollment gives customers access to all of this innovation under the same attractive terms as other Cisco EA enrollments. These include Cisco’s industry unique True Forward feature, a periodic usage review with no retroactive billing, Not-to-Exceed (NTE) pricing, discounts for additional suites/enrollments, device portability, and co-termination.

The new Data Center enrollment is the latest step in our commitment to continually add innovation and value to the Cisco Enterprise Agreement, announced in May 2017, to “make it easier for customers to get the most value out of their Cisco software today and as they grow.”

You’ve heard us say Cisco is becoming a more software-centric company. The Data Center enrollment is yet another important step forward on our journey, making it radically easier for our customers to buy and manage technology in a flexible, predictable way.




Mark Hill

Vice President

Cisco Digitization Office