Lorrissa Horton

Vice President and General Manager of Webex Teams

Team Collaboration Group

Lorrissa Horton is Vice President and General Manager of Webex Teams in the Team Collaboration Group (TCG) at Cisco. TCG creates team empowerment through industry leading collaboration tools that enable employees to work anyplace and anytime. Transforming the workplace experience with best-in-class messaging, meeting, video and calling capabilities, both in the cloud and on-premise.

Lorrissa manages Cisco's collaboration portfolio in Webex Teams and is laser focused on creating the next generation tools that will revolutionize how people work together. Creating personalized collaboration experiences with artificial intelligence and unifying the user experience with uninterrupted workstreams. Lorrissa is quite passionate about innovation, and has a track record of thinking outside-the-box with the development of nine patents over her career.

Prior to Cisco, Lorrissa brings more than 12 years of diverse experience in product management, productivity software in Microsoft Office, natural language processing, and machine learning with search and NUI experiences, hardware development for sound and video, analytics with Microsoft PowerBI, and business applications for human capital management.


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