Kyle Winters

Technical Marketing Engineer

Stealthwatch Customer Experience

Kyle Winters has been a member of the Stealthwatch team since June of 2015. Previously as a Solutions Architect and now as a Technical Marketing Engineer for Stealthwatch Customer Experience, he has made it his mission to help Cisco’s customers across the globe develop and deploy custom integration solutions and capabilities for Stealthwatch and an array of security and network products.

Kyle is also a member of Cisco’s Security Programming Team (SPoT), and has been a Cisco DevNet instructor and content-creator since 2018.


January 26, 2020


Stealthwatch Cloud Joins DevNet!

Stealthwatch Cloud APIs extend your ability to access data, telemetry, and analytics about your cloud infrastructure. Docs and info now available on DevNet.

January 16, 2020


See Stealthwatch Enterprise in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live

Learn how to use Stealthwatch Enterprise REST APIs to simplify your host group classification workflow, run rich reports and analytics.

June 27, 2019


Cisco Stealthwatch Launches on DevNet

As the need for API development grows, so does the need for proper resources to enable developers to be successful with these programmatic interfaces.

June 5, 2019


Learn About Stealthwatch in the DevNet Zone at CLUS

Join Kyle in the DevNet Zone at #CLUS on for a hands-on workshop to learn about REST API capabilities in Stealthwatch for visibility and security analytics.