Stealthwatch Enterprise is returning to the DevNet Zone this month in Barcelona, and we are bringing some new REST API capabilities with us to share! Cisco Stealthwatch Enterprise is the most comprehensive solution for visibility and security analytics on the market today. It is no surprise that Stealthwatch comes so highly recommended by industry professionals, with capabilities like:

  • advanced threat detection
  • accelerated threat response
  • malware detection in encrypted traffic
  • end-to-end visibility across the entire network
  • and more

Operationalizing Stealthwatch Enterprise with API Capabilities

Join me in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Barcelona on January 27th at 4:00pm or January 29th at 11:00am for the “Operationalizing Stealthwatch Enterprise with API Capabilities” workshop (DEVWKS-1545). Expect to learn how to use Stealthwatch Enterprise REST APIs to help simplify your host group classification workflow, as well as how to run rich reports and analytics on various pieces of data and telemetry inside of Stealthwatch. Plan to work through real-life customer use-cases that leverage APIs to streamline valuable processes that help customers reduce false positives and mean-time-to-know.

With the release of Stealthwatch Enterprise v7.1, we are also introducing new hands-on exercises that cover the new Cognitive Intelligence Incidents REST API. Cognitive Intelligence uses machine learning to correlate threat behaviors seen locally (within the enterprise) with those seen globally across billions of flows each day. It’s also the core technology behind Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA), which can detect malware in encrypted traffic without decryption. In this workshop we will demonstrate how to use these new API capabilities to pull incidents and details directly from the Stealthwatch Management Console in a programmatic fashion.

Seating for these sessions is first come, first serve, so plan to arrive early to secure your spot. (Standing room will also be available.) Don’t miss this chance to learn how these APIs can improve your Stealthwatch experience!

And don’t miss these Stealthwatch sessions:

  • Security Analytics with Stealthwatch: Operationalizing Visibility and Machine LearningBRKSEC-3014
  • Seeing Through the Fog: Visibility and Security Analytics in Cloud WorkloadsBRKCLD-2025
  • Stealthwatch Beyond AlarmsBRKSEC-2462
  • Decision trees in Machine learning or why is my server going downDEVNET-2658

I look forward to seeing you at Cisco Live Barcelona. Until then, I invite you to join DevNet and check out all the Stealthwatch resources on DevNet!

¡Nos vemos en Barcelona!

Stealthwatch at CLEUR 2020Participants learn about Stealthwatch at the hands-on workshop at Cisco Live US


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Kyle Winters

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