Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing

Julie Colwell leads partner story and experience for Global Partner Marketing. Her team educates and inspires partners, so they can grow their Cisco business.

Julie has been with Cisco for four years, working in all things partner marketing – programs, portfolio, brand, events, and communications. Prior to Cisco, she had her own marketing consultancy which provided communications strategy and content development for tech companies from start-ups to Fortune 100.

She lives in Sunnyvale, CA with her husband and three teenagers. And she enjoys tennis, running, and baking, but not yoga.


March 2, 2017


What Are Our Partners Doing in the Netherlands?

2 min read

More Students, Increased Capacity, Same Space It’s hard to get into a good university. Even qualified students are turned away because there’s not enough space on campus. Cisco Solution Partner Lone Rooftop is changing that. Wageningen University in the Netherlands is educating more students by increasing the classroom capacity they have by 15% using data […]

February 23, 2017


Medical Treatment in the Mountains

1 min read

“Patients get the same advanced, sophisticated care they’d get from a modern hospital.” You have to be tough to live in the shadow of Mount Everest at the top of the world. For the farmers and herders who call Mozhugongka home, pulmonary disease is common and tough to treat… until now. Using Cisco collaboration, our […]

February 15, 2017


What in the World are our Partners Doing?

1 min read

It’s more than just connecting school buses. It’s connecting a community.  A medical clinic in Tibet. A school district in Texas. A financial services company in South Africa. A convenience store in Canada. What do they have in common? They’re all going digital with solutions sold through Cisco partners. We thought you’d like to know more about […]