It’s more than just connecting school buses. It’s connecting a community. 

A medical clinic in Tibet. A school district in Texas. A financial services company in South Africa. A convenience store in Canada. What do they have in common? They’re all going digital with solutions sold through Cisco partners. We thought you’d like to know more about the amazing things our partners are doing. In our new series, Cue Partner, you’ll hear from our partners and how they’re helping customers around the world. 

First up, Presidio says…

The Huntsville Texas School District has over 633 square miles of bus routes, but only 6300 students. Kids who live at the district outskirts can ride the bus for up to three hours a day. So, they asked us to provide Wi-Fi on buses so kids could do their homework. In the process, we realized that by connecting their other technologies, we could provide much more functionality. 

So, we built our first Connected Bus architecture on a Cisco network. This includes an app for parents to see when their kids check on and off the bus. GPS tracking reduces wait times for students, and we can analyze that data to choose better bus routes. Students with long commutes can use Wi-Fi, with access to approved sites, to get homework done. And we added services that keep tabs on driver and vehicle performance, so we know if a driver is going too fast or if the bus needs work. 

We’re using similar technology on all buses, at bus stops, in school facilities, and throughout the community, and integrating it with emergency response, community organizations, and citizen experience services. So, if something does go wrong, we can get the right help there fast. It’s more than just connecting school buses. It’s connecting a community.

Thanks, Presidio! 

The story doesn’t stop there. 



Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing