“Patients get the same advanced, sophisticated care they’d get from a modern hospital.”

You have to be tough to live in the shadow of Mount Everest at the top of the world. For the farmers and herders who call Mozhugongka home, pulmonary disease is common and tough to treat… until now. Using Cisco collaboration, our partner Ronghai makes it possible for doctors at a big city hospital thousands of kilometers away can diagnose and treat patients at a tiny village clinic on the Tibetan Plateau.

Ronghai says…

Mozhugongka Hospital is in Mahalangur mountain range, high in Tibet. It is a very remote village of 50,000 farmers and herders. There is only one doctor for every 2000 people, which is much less than in China where there are 2.8 doctors for every 1000 people. Medical staff do not have resources to diagnose and treat common illnesses, such as the high altitude lung disease many people there have.

So, we installed Cisco collaboration equipment in both the hospital in Mozhugongka and in Nanjing which is large and modern. We worked with other Cisco partners to build a remote medical platform so doctors in Nanjing can diagnose and recommend care for patients in Mozhugongka. Also, patients who had to wait weeks or months for test results now only have to wait a few days. Doctors in Mozhugongka use video conferencing for instant access to medical experts and research, so patients get the same advanced, sophisticated care they’d get from a modern hospital.

With Cisco, we can bring care and health 4000km to the high mountains in Tibet.


Thanks, Ronghai!

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Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

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