EMEAR partners

June 26, 2020


Steering Customers’ Remote Work Strategy

3 min read

As we transition into this next stage of remote works as our new normal, it's our opportunity to reimagine what is possible—how, when, and where we work - securely.  Our customers will continue to adopt more cloud delivered and SaaS based solutions to be able to adapt their security needs to meet these remote work demands. Read on to learn how Cisco has helped one of our EMEAR partners address their customer’s needs for adapting to this new remote work environment and see how only Cisco Security is positioned to help our customers and partners on this journey with our integrated platform, Cisco SecureX. 

March 2, 2017


What Are Our Partners Doing in the Netherlands?

2 min read

More Students, Increased Capacity, Same Space It’s hard to get into a good university. Even qualified students are turned away because there’s not enough space on campus. Cisco Solution Partner Lone Rooftop is changing that. Wageningen University in the Netherlands is educating more students by increasing the classroom capacity they have by 15% using data […]