John McDonough

Developer Advocate


John McDonough is a Developer Advocate for Cisco's DevNet, focusing on Data Canter APIs.

John is responsible for the evangelization and consumption of the Cisco Data Center APIs. John's application development and delivery experience is well suited to assist customers, both internal and external, in fully utilizing the Data Center APIs.

Professional Experience:

John has 30 years of development experience, currently John is a Developer Advocate for Cisco's DevNet. As a Developer Advocate John creates Learning Labs, writes blogs, presents at Cisco Live and other events. Previously John was a Technical Marketing Engineer for Cisco's Computing Systems Product Group, where he was involved in the architecture, definition, distribution and consumption of the Cisco UCS Management APIs. John's career at Cisco has varied from Product Engineer to Customer Experience Custom Application Developer, Technical Marketing Engineer and now a Developer Advocate.

John's unique blend of technical acumen, significant customer interaction, ease of being in front of crowds or working one-on-one and overall laid-back nature has made him the perfect fit for the evangelization of APIs and an advocate for developers. Prior to Cisco John held development and/or IT related positions at dynamisoft, QAD, Valassis Communications, In Flight Newspapers, In-Store Advertising, and Columbia Letter Company.


  • Manipulating Data
  • Programming Languages
  • Googling Things (and understanding how they work)
  • Abstraction and Reflection
  • Telling a good story


John drives a mini-van, not because he has to but because he wants to.


June 8, 2020


Learn about Cisco Cloud and Compute at DevNet Day

2 min read

From "Start now" to "Deep Dive," our DevNet Day sessions will help you take your skills to the next level. Join John McDonough, Matt Johnson and friends for the Cloud and Compute track at the DevNet Day virtual event, June 18th.

April 15, 2020


Configuring Cisco ACI and Cisco UCS Deployments with Cisco Action Orchestrator

5 min read

See how Cisco DevNet Developer Advocates pull all the pieces together for a Multi-domain automation project/demo. Live webinar April 30th on "Implementing UCS/ACI Deployments”.

January 24, 2020


Cisco UCS HX, Veeam, PowerShell, and Sushi

3 min read

Thinking about protecting VMs and Applications on a large scale? And about programmability with Veeam?...Veeam has a PowerShell extension. Check out the lab.

October 15, 2019


Validate Your Knowledge of Implementing Automated Data Center Solutions

2 min read

Get Cisco DevNet certified in "Data Center Automation and Programmability." Test prep resources and webinar now available.

September 17, 2019


Automate Application Configuration and Policy Deployment with Ansible

3 min read

Automation for application resources and policies is completely achievable with APIs for products like the Cisco UCS, Cisco ACI, and Nexus 9000 switches.

June 5, 2019


All Things Cisco UCS Programmability at Cisco Live

2 min read

The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) has never been better...which is a strange thing to say about something that has always been great!

February 12, 2019


Data Center Compute Sessions at Cisco Live Melbourne

2 min read

"I talk about Programming and Automating Cisco Compute, I have been talking about Cisco Compute for 10+ years, I will continue to talk about Cisco Compute (as long as someone wants me to)." John McDonough at Cisco Live Melbourne, #DevNet

January 16, 2019


Data Center Networking and Compute Sessions at CLEUR

3 min read

It Is Incredible It is incredible how many Data Center sessions there are planned in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Barcelona. How incredible? How about over 40 hours of...

September 24, 2018


From DevNet Create to Ansible Contributor

4 min read

Originally built for software provisioning and configuration management Ansible has spread into many other technologies, including networking and compute hardware.