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John McDonough

Developer Evangelist

John McDonough is a Developer Evangelist for Cisco's DevNet. John is responsible for the consumption of the Cisco UCS Management APIs. John’s application development and delivery experience is well suited to assist customers, both internal and external in fully utilizing the UCS Management APIs.

Professional Experience:

John has 28 years of development experience, currently John is a Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) for the Computing Systems Product Group. He is responsible for the architecture, definition, distribution and consumption of the Cisco UCS Management APIs. The UCS product family is comprised of both hardware (blade, cartridge, rack and hyper-converged servers, and their supporting components) and software elements (UCS Manager, IMC Supervisor, UCS PowerTool, UCS Python SDKs.) Prior to his current role John was a TME for Cisco's Hybrid Cloud Management Platform, Intercloud Fabric. John was also a member of Cisco Advanced Services as a Custom Application Engineer involved in data center automation projects across all core Cisco Data Center product lines, UCS, Nexus and MDS. Additionally John was involved in developing location based applications utilizing the Cisco Mobility Services Engine. John also developed GuestNet Manager, a guest provisioning application for the Cisco Network Admission Controller and the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller. GuestNet Manager was an Advanced Services offering and has been implemented at several customer sites. Before joining Cisco Advanced Services John held the role of Technical Marketing Engineer and was responsible for developing proof-of-concept implementations of the Voice Technology Group’s (VTG) VoIP solutions. Several of the proof-of-concept solutions were taken on by VTG engineering and became part of standard product. John came to Cisco via the acquisition of dynamicsoft, initially working as a software engineer in the Broadband Subscriber Applications business unit.

John's unique blend of technical acumen and customer interaction ease made him the perfect fit for the previously mentioned Technical Marketing role that began his customer facing history at Cisco. John has held development and/or IT related positions at QAD, Valassis Communications, In Flight Newspapers and In-Store Advertising.

Technology Expertise:

• VMware VCP

• Cisco CCNA

• Programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, Python, Perl, PowerShell, *nix shells

• Operating Systems: *nix, Windows, Hypervisors

• Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL

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