DevNet Day is now scheduled for June 18. We appreciate your understanding as we paused to focus on current events. We look forward to joining our extended community of developers. Thank you to all who have registered, you’ll receive confirmation shortly. If you have not yet registered, there’s still time to Register Now.

If you love Cisco Cloud and Cisco Compute, then we’ve got something for you! 

John McDonough and Matt Johnson, plus a few of our friends will be excited to bring you the Cloud and Compute trackThe track includes Start Now sessions for those of you that may be new to the technologies, and some deeper learning sessions to help you take your skills to the next level. We also have some quick hit Lightning sessions designed to ramp you up quickly. 

Cloud and Compute Track

Here’s what’s in the DevNet Day Cloud and Compute Track 

Start Now – Cisco UCS and Cisco Intersight ProgrammabilityJohn McDonough, DevNet Developer Advocate 
This 20-minute session spends a few minutes on the core programmability options for Cisco UCS and Cisco IntersightLearn how to install, configure and utilize the Cisco Compute tools for Ansible, PowerShell and Python. 

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Programming Cisco Intersight the Easy Way with PostmanJohn McDonough, DevNet Developer Advocate 
A 10-minute Lightning Talk that introduces the Cisco Intersight Postman Collection, covering how to download, import, setup and utilize and get you started programming Cisco Intersight the Easy way. 

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Intersight Orchestration via the Intersight APIDavid Soper, UCS and Intersight Technical Marketing Engineer 
David’s expertise will guide you through the new Intersight Orchestrator capabilities and how to utilize the Orchestrator not just from the GUI but also via the Intersight REST API. 20 minutes is all you’ll need to start orchestrating Intersight and more from the Cloud. 

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Provisioning software-defined storage infrastructure at cloud scale with Cisco Intersight Terraform providerPaniraja Koppa, Technical Marketing Engineer 
The Intersight Terraform provider is a new addition to the Cisco Intersight Programmability toolset. Paniraja introduces Intersight Terraform and shows how to implement it to provision storage infrastructure at a cloud-scale.

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Introduction to Kubernetes – Matt Johnson, DevNet Developer Advocate

As the buzz around containers continues, there are several contenders in managing running instances of containers. Among these competing orchestration systems, Kubernetes has emerged as the leading platform for cloud-native applications and development. In this session, we will walk through what Kubernetes is, how to use it, and the ecosystem that is growing around it.

Congrats on Your Overnight Cloud Migration – Now, Can You Support It? Marco Coulter Technical Evangelist

2020 made automation a must-have. Out of necessity, enterprises accelerated into cloud migrations bringing complexity to threaten the stability of both your code and infrastructure. Cloud scale and portability come from containerization and micro services – but they also encourage sprawl and overspending. We know we must monitor – it is a core phase for DevOps and the base of the SRE hierarchy of needs. Come for an update or introduction to what AppDynamics delivers for Kubernetes, pre and post-migration tracking, and user journey mapping from code to business; from user to cloud and compute. This session, aligned to the new AppDynamics labs within Cisco’s sandbox, introduces you to AIOps. You don’t have to spend your life setting breakpoints and looking at logs. Automate the mundane tasks out of your life.

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