Landing in Melbourne CLMEL by Silvia SpivaI told some friends recently about my upcoming trip to Melbourne Australia for Cisco Live 2019 and their reactions were all very similar…

  • “How can you be on a plane so long?!”
  • “I would go crazy!”
  • “No way you would get me on that plane!”
  • “I cannot even think about it, stop talking…”

That last comment may or may not have been about the trip to Melbourne.


The Struggle

A good amount of concern expressed, for me or perhaps they were projecting their own fears.  Honestly all of those are a bit extreme. I mean, on the plane I’m fed a few times, there are all sorts of liquid sustenance. I have a blanket, a pillow, movies, a book, a bathroom. I’m not exactly roughing it. In fact, I’ve made the trip to the Southern Hemisphere a number of times, twice in 2018!

Melbourne CLMEL by Silvia Spiva

The Reward

The reward for my “struggle”, I get to see all my Aussie mates and discuss the state of the world over a few pints on the banks of the Yarra.

Oh, I also get to present at Cisco Live Melbourne in the DevNet Zone!

I talk about Programming and Automating Cisco Compute. I have been talking about Cisco Compute for 10+ years, and will continue to talk about Cisco Compute (as long as someone wants me to).

John McDonough speaker at Cisco Live DevNet

The Sessions

If Programming and Automating Cisco Compute is something that sparks interest, here’s a list of my sessions

Hank Preston and John McDonough DevNet

The Benefit

If you’re not going to be in Melbourne for Cisco Live, DevNet has all kinds of resources to get you up to speed on data center compute and networking:

  • Explore the APIs for ACI, NX-OS, and UCS
  • Learn how to program with Python to automate your data center
  • Find tools for connect the data center to the cloud, or bring the cloud to the data center

Just about everything you need to get started, or take your programming skills to the next level is right here. Visit DevNet’s Data Center Dev Center 

Take a look, sign up and see it, learn it, code it! That’s the DevNet way. If you are not a member of DevNet, join today.

Nilram Azadpeyma and Silvia Spiva CLMEL

I hope to see you there!

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