Ian Rutherford

Vice President

Cisco Performance IT

How do you achieve Performance IT, and how will you get your network infrastructure from the 'as is' to the 'to be'? I help Cisco's largest global enterprise clients answer this question. My team builds transformation road maps and business cases for transforming customers' IT infrastructures. Based on each customer's needs (and often competing demands), we design their network and underlying architecture to achieve target outcomes and improved user experiences much faster than would be possible through conventional approaches. Our customers face a daunting reality - while the amount of incoming data that must be quickly secured, protected, and encrypted is increasing and demands for new technology and services is growing, budgets are fixed — or even decreasing. Technology executives have to do more with less. We pride ourselves on developing road maps that deliver our customers new capabilities, better end-user experiences, an ongoing reduction in the cost-to-serve, and — just as importantly — demystifying the steps ahead and clearly show where the investments will go and the time frames involved. Our customers have seen spectacular results, from financial services clients who have realised 20% reductions in IT operating costs to customers whose road map endpoints were achieved in two years rather than five. The best part is coming full circle: Surprising customers with an idea they didn't realise was possible, demystifying the process for them, and then exceeding their expectations.


December 15, 2023


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October 13, 2015


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