Heather Alter

Senior Manager

Digital Engagement

In her current role, Heather Alter leads the Digital Engagement team which provides strategic consulting services to help build and execute on multi-channel digital strategies. Heather’s team designs and develops integrated digital marketing programs in support of Cisco’s brand and market industry trends campaigns, product, solutions and industry marketing, services marketing, and new company acquisitions/integrations.

In addition, her team oversees localization and global digital strategy for Cisco.com (80 localized country sites in 40 languages). Her team manages the Cisco.com home page which receives over 2 million visitors per month. Heather also leads a digital content team to provide strategic editorial services and inform how to use digital content to attract and engage audiences.

Heather is a 14-year veteran at Cisco who has led teams in corporate communications, web publishing and editorial services. She’s a former journalist and editor and has worked for various newspapers and national magazines.


October 24, 2014


Our Cisco.com Homepage: 5 More Insights

2 min read

In mid-June, we shared how video and live steaming perform on our Cisco.com homepage, particularly during Cisco Live. Well, since then we’ve continued to test and learn along the way on our Cisco homepage. It receives more than 2.5 million average monthly visitors and it’s truly a melting pot with 58% of visitor traffic coming from […]

June 12, 2014


Our Week as Video Broadcasters: 5 Insights

1 min read

In mid-May, we told you about our plans to broadcast live keynotes from Cisco Live  on Cisco.com, specifically from our home page. Well, we did it. For four days,...

April 22, 2014


How are You Sprucing Up Your Digital Strategy for Spring?

2 min read

It’s springtime…typically the time of year when you need to purge your house of all the clutter that’s accumulated during the winter. At the same time, spring always reminds me...

March 5, 2014


Content: Are you Taking the Right Journey?

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We all know about the importance of knowing your customer needs, and focusing on the digital journey. But all too often, we overlook the content that customer experiences -- and...