Ed Daly

Senior Director

Global Customer Success

Ed brings more than 20 years of successful high technology, software, and business services experience to Cisco. He has led global marketing, operations, and sales teams in start-up and Fortune 500 businesses. Ed’s teams have been recognized multiple times for innovation and industry leadership by external organizations such as the Cahners In-Stat Group and the I.T. Services Marketing Association.

Ed helped to define and form Cisco’s Global Customer Success (GCS) organization. He now serves as Senior Director of GCS’s Adopt & Expand organization. The charter of this team is to accelerate the time it takes for customers to realize value from their software and service subscriptions. In this role, Ed leads teams of Success Managers worldwide who engage with customers and partners to help them fully utilize existing and new solutions to achieve their business outcomes. Leveraging scalable processes and automation, Ed’s team has increased customer lifetime by 56% generating over $150M of additional annual revenue in the first year.

Previously, Ed was a Senior Director in Sales, where he led a team accountable for $2B in software and professional services sales across all customer segments in North and South America. Ed has also held global and regional marketing leadership positions supporting for Cisco’s $12B hardware and software services business.

Before joining Cisco, Ed was the Vice President of Operations, Marketing and Sales for DigitalWork, Inc., a profitable multi-million dollar start-up business. DigitalWork provided cloud-based business applications and enterprise software. Prior to DigitalWork he spent 6 years as a management consultant working with over thirty Fortune 500 and start-up companies to create successful marketing and sales strategies.

Ed earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Illinois and an MBA degree from Northwestern University.


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