Dave Evans

No longer with Cisco.


Answering the Two Most-Asked Questions About the Internet of Everything #IoE

4 min read

Since Cisco began discussing the Internet of Everything (IoE) last year, two questions have arisen consistently: 1) What is the difference between IoE and the Internet of Things (IoT)? According to Cisco, IoE brings together people (humans), process (manages the way people, data, and things work together), data (rich information), and things (inanimate objects and […]

February 26, 2013


Ushering in the New Era of Healthcare

I’m not a doctor…but I am a patient. I’m also a keen observer of the world around me—especially when it involves my health. For many healthcare professionals, I believe the recent challenges surrounding the industry have taken some of the enjoyment out of their work. Issues such as new and changing regulations, increased lawsuits, escalating […]

February 12, 2013


Thanks to IoE, the Next Decade Looks Positively ‘Nutty’

will.i.am from the Black Eyed Peas gets the Internet of Everything (IoE). “Everywhere we go in the world, the things that we come across aren’t intelligent. Like this wall that I’m looking at, it’s just separating the room from the other side. In actuality, that wall should be intelligent.” He goes on to say, “The […]

December 14, 2012


A Drop of Water Begins a Chain Reaction [Infographic] #TomorrowStartsHere

1 min read

A drop of water. It’s not something we spend a lot of time thinking about. A single drop by itself is not that significant. Yet, when combined with millions or even billions of other drops, it can change the face of our planet. A drop of water is a great metaphor for the Internet of […]

December 6, 2012


Internet of Everything in Action: Today and Tomorrow #IoE

3 min read

When the history of the Internet of Everything (IoE) is written, its success or failure will be determined by answering one question. How did IoE benefit humanity? In the end, nothing else matters. With this in mind, let’s look at two examples of how IoE will benefit people, both today and tomorrow. Today—Transforming the World’s […]

November 29, 2012


Internet of Everything: It’s the Connections that Matter #IoE [Infographic]

2 min read

It is important to understand that the real value of the Internet of Everything (IoE) lies in both the number and value of connections. To illustrate this point, consider the following scenario. When your car becomes connected to the Internet of Everything in the near future, it will simply increase the number of things on […]

November 16, 2012


Internet of Everything: Harnessing an Exponentially More Powerful Internet #IoE [Infographic]

2 min read

As we begin the Internet of Everything (IoE) era, more attention is being focused on Metcalfe’s law—a.k.a., the “network effect”—to see if the same rules will apply.  Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a network increases proportionately to the square of the number of users. Simply put, networks become exponentially more valuable as the […]