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A Drop of Water Begins a Chain Reaction [Infographic] #TomorrowStartsHere

December 14, 2012 - 9 Comments

A drop of water.

It’s not something we spend a lot of time thinking about.

A single drop by itself is not that significant. Yet, when combined with millions or even billions of other drops, it can change the face of our planet.

A drop of water is a great metaphor for the Internet of Everything. Like a single drop of water, a single person, bit of data, or thing connected with billions of other people, data, and things can also shape the face of our planet.

One tiny drop of water begins a chain reaction that causes a big result. Sensors talk to networks that talk to traffic grids that talk to energy systems – all working in concert to solve problems.

This is not limited to a drop of water:

·      Product packing will talk to supply chains, which will talk to manufacturers, which will talk to suppliers to optimize production.

·      Cars will talk to other cars, which will talk to streets, which will talk to traffic lights to optimize traffic flow.

·      A pill will talk to your phone, which will talk to your electronic health record, which will talk to your doctor to ensure you have the best health care possible.


We are at the beginning of perhaps the most important market and technology transition of our lifetimes—where new companies, new services, and new opportunities will be created.

With the Internet of Everything, things that were silent will have a voice. It’s not one thing that’s going to be the next “big thing,” it’s billions of things working together that will create amazing new experiences.

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  1. Would love to have this hanging in my classroom!

  2. Reminds me of a certain infamous scene from Jurassic Park that I’ve lived and known since I was 13. Happy to be a drop of water. But somehow I’m currently not understanding how to connect to the bigger picture and I’m trying. Every attempt I make to find the water gets perceived as me trying to take the water. And its not. I’m just trying to find it. And so I will sit and wait patiently and meditate. And you will definitely dump things into the rivers and call me ungrateful for not drinking tainted water, but I know better than to drink tainted water and I will wait for the pure. Can you help me find the pure water?

  3. I have read articles on such stuffs before.

  4. Hi! Dave

    Nice write. We could never believe that things we do online, they are so connected.

    Another example i could think of is related to education industry.

    Academic services are provided to students through a network consisting of admissions, academics, examination, accounts, students welfare and admin. This drop of water creates an ocean which is called University.

  5. Anything can perform good or bad. Giving the power of the tongue to a very large number of things is very large power. Mankind can be mislead and controlled in many kinds of harmful ways. People are controlled be mass media already. I envision a hat saying, “Buy Me”. So many voices… its hard to think your own thoughts.

  6. Wonderful read. It has enlightened my thought that a single person is nothing but when it assosiates it self with other people is something.

  7. It’s amazing what we can do to make the world a better place. The example of the pill talking to the phone to update your medical record is an amazing thought and can immediately bring the healthcare system light-years ahead of where we are today!