Adrian Iliesiu

Technical Leader

Cisco DevNet

Adrian has built IT infrastructure solutions from scratch, as well as maintained and supported already installed systems. His experience in IT includes successful upgrades, migrations, consolidations, and audits for international organizations.

Currently, he is a thought-leader, educator and speaker for global developer conferences, including the iconic DevNet Zone at Cisco Live! Learn more about Adrian's work on his Developer Advocate profile page.


April 20, 2018


A Look Inside DevNet Create 2018

5 min read

Find out what DevNet Create is like for those who build the Cisco Developer experience for you.

February 28, 2018


Network Programmability at Cisco Live Melbourne

4 min read

Come learn from Network Programmability expert Adrian Iliesiu in the #DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Melbourne! #CLMel

February 16, 2018


From Pampered Customer to DevNet Zone Builder. Is this you?

6 min read

Help design the future DevNet Zone near you! You have the unique chance of dictating and having your say on what exactly you want from the DevNet Zone. So, share your programmability wish list here.

January 19, 2018


The Network Intuitive explained and put into action

7 min read

How I built my own SDA fabric with the hardware I had available, and other lessons from the Network Intuitive.

December 7, 2017


Colombia Rising Stars get DevNet Training at Cisco HQ

5 min read

Colombia's top students visit Cisco headquarters in Silicon Valley, and learn the importance of computer networking, social networking, and telling your own story in the digital age.

October 19, 2017


DevNet Zone at Cisco Live Latin America

4 min read

#CiscoLiveLA: a marathon of knowledge transfer, training sessions and fun activities!

June 1, 2017


Networking at DevNet Create 2017

4 min read

As we evaluate Cisco's first-ever conference catering to its developer community, we look at where Cisco's developer program started, where it is currently, and where it is going.

May 1, 2017


Defining Network Programmability

4 min read

As a set of tools and best practices to deploy, manage and troubleshoot network devices, network programmability delivers time and cost savings, reduction of human error, customization and innovation.