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#CiscoChampion Radio S1|Ep 38. Threat Focused Firewall

October 28, 2014 at 12:56 pm PST

cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Product Marketing Manager Dave Stuart, about the threat focused firewall. Brian Remmel (@bremmel) moderates and Antonio Cheltenham, Jason Alert and Sven Kutzer are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

Listen to the Podcast.

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Cisco SME
Dave Stuart, Cisco Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Champions
Antonio Cheltenham, @acheltenham, Systems Administrator
Jason Alert, @RoutingNinja, Senior Network Engineer
Sven Kutzer, @svenkutzer, Senior Systems Engineer

What is a threat focused firewall
Why is it important
What is vision/migration path for those looking to move to threat focused firewall solution
Security advantages of passive discovery
Using agents (i.e. AMP Connector technologies) for robust visibility into network behavior
How threat focused firewall solution receives updates about new threats and handles malicious traffic not yet flagged Read More »

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Not If, but When: The case for Advanced Malware Protection Everywhere

A recent Bloor Research Market Update on Advanced Threat Protection reminds us of something that many security vendors have long been loath to acknowledge: traditional, point-in-time technologies, like anti-virus or sandboxes, are not entirely effective when defending against complex, sophisticated attacks.

This is due to something we have said before and we will say again: malware is “the weapon of choice” for malicious actors. We know blended threats introduce malware. Our 2014 Annual Security Report notes that every Fortune 500 company that was spoken to for the report had traffic going to websites that host malware. Bloor tells us all, once again, that attack methods are becoming more complex.

To put it plainly, when it comes to networks being breached, it is not a case of if, but when.

Read More »

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