Another day, another hack. It seems like every time we turn on the news, we are hearing about another company that has been breached. Hackers are not going away and are getting progressively sophisticated as companies struggle to equip their security teams with the tools and expertise to protect their assets. Partnering with a security services provider has become a common practice when faced with worries over understanding and investigating the threat landscape, as well as responding to a breach. Not every company that wants to grow has the extra time and resources to deal with the daily barrage of attacks.

Concerns over cybersecurity are impeding innovation – too much is at stake to risk. The damage caused by breaches goes far beyond the time and money it takes to deal with outage; the substantial impact comes from tainted reputation and lost business opportunity. Forced to deal with an involuntary disclosure of a breach, companies are increasingly looking to external experts for security guidance around preparing, managing, responding to, and recovering from incidents quickly and effectively.


How do you think companies should fight back? How to remove the burden of detection, investigation and remediation from the in-house security teams? What about recovering a network and rebuilding trust after a breach – when is the time to turn to an expert?

Join #CiscoChat on Wed, June 7th at 11AM PST to talk about alleviating the stress of dealing with the advanced threat landscape.



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Sean Mason

Director, Threat Management & Incident Response

Cisco Security Advisory Services