Megha Mehta

Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Stealthwatch

Security Business Group

Megha Mehta is the Product Marketing Manager for Cisco Stealthwatch solution within the Security Business Group.

It is the reality of today’s digital environment that breaches will occur at some point. Megha helps customers understand how Stealthwatch can help to prepare for a breach by providing deep visibility into every part of the network to detect and mitigate advanced threats quickly.

Megha has an MBA in Marketing and Business Analytics from Indiana University and a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering from Pune, India.

Megha lives in Raleigh, North Carolina


April 27, 2020


Building a security platform powered by advanced analytics

5 min read

The Cisco SecureX platform brings together the best of our broad and integrated security technologies, including security analytics.

March 11, 2020


Five ways to detect early signs of a breach using the network

3 min read

Continuous network monitoring is a necessary component of effective breach defense, to be able to detect threats in real-time before they turn into a high impact incident.

January 31, 2020


Get in the Security Fast Lane with a Stealthwatch and Encrypted Traffic Analytics Test Drive!

1 min read

Cisco Stealthwatch provides comprehensive network-wide visibility and security analytics, so you can stay ahead of attackers and expose their locations and behaviors to help you prevent a security event from becoming a full-blown breach. Today, we’re happy to announce that you’ll have the chance to get behind the wheel and give Stealthwatch a live test drive!

December 10, 2019


Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud and Google Cloud continue partnership to secure customers

2 min read

Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud and Google Cloud have partnered together to provide visibility, threat detection and compliance for customers. Announcing Stealthwatch Cloud support for Packet Mirroring service, in addition to consuming Google Cloud VPC Flow Logs.

May 21, 2019


Cisco is a Representative Vendor in the first ever Gartner 2019 Market Guide for the NTA (Network Traffic Analysis) mark …

3 min read

According to Gartner1, “Applying behavioral analysis to network traffic is helping enterprises detect suspicious traffic that other security tools are missing.”  The case for network traffic analysis to uncover...

March 4, 2019


Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud and Microsoft Azure: reliable cloud infrastructure meets comprehensive cloud security

4 min read

Isn’t it great when the enterprise technology solutions you use to achieve various business outcomes partner and work seamlessly with each other? Cisco and Microsoft have done just that to...

February 11, 2019


Cisco Stealthwatch product updates – enhanced security analytics, context-aware mitigation, better control, easier man …

3 min read

Cisco Stealthwatch release 7.0 introduces significant enhancements for the Stealthwatch administrator and the security analyst to detect and respond to threats faster, and manage the tool more efficiently.

June 8, 2018


3 Important Security Analytics Attributes. Hint: Machine Learning is Just One

4 min read

Yes, with the growth in security vendors claiming to do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, one might think it’s the ultimate answer to keeping organizations secure!

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