The Cisco dCloud team recently got our entire management team on video, and apparently it was one of the scariest things they ever did. Or was it?

Zina Rambo“Video doesn’t scare me,” says our Business Operations & Project Office Manager, Zina Rambo. (Find her on Twitter here.) I find it a great way to communicate, and feel that it really helps to connect at a personal level with our customers and users.”

Besides having the coolest name of any employee at Cisco, Zina is helping revolutionize how we tell the #WeAreCisco story. She has built the Cisco dCloud Social Media team, which focuses on video and real-time community building. Every new dCloud employee goes through social media training, and is empowered to share about the projects we are working on. We work transparently.

In the spirit of said transparency, it was time to put the dCloud leadership team in front of the camera. How do you think they did? Watch here.




What is “dCloud,” and why is our team so awesome?

If you have a Cisco.com username and password, you have access to all the demo content on dCloud.cisco.com. It’s open to Cisco employees, partners, and customers. We think we have “d best team at Cisco.”

John Maliakal“dCloud for me is a very special team that I have been fortunate to be part of” says Platform Architect, John Maliakal (find him on Twitter here.) “We can proudly say we did something that made our users really happy. The coolest thing of dCloud is that it has a character – it’s easy, flexible, friendly, user-focused, funny …. I believe it takes it from the team and really represents who we are. It’s an honor to be part of this team and to be able to tell our story.”

In case you can’t tell, either on this blog, in the video, or on social media, we think our managers are special. When a great team has great managers, anything is possible.

Chad Abel“Our number one priority for team members is ensuring that users are happy with our product and that service issues are addressed in a timely manner,” says dCloud Support & Network Operations Manager, Chad Abel (He Tweets from here.) We hold ourselves accountable. When we make mistakes, or if the service fails for any reason … we acknowledge the problem and do everything we can do to make things right. We are agile and our product engineers, content developers and service teams are all truly driven to offer the best experience to our users.”

This culture of excellence in customer experience is one of the main reasons why the management team have asked all team members to become proficient with social media tools. We respond to our community questions and concerns ourselves, real-time, around the clock. We are a global team, and we’re “always on” to make things happen.

Brad Caplan“There are a number of reasons why the dCloud team is such a great place to work at Cisco!” says Content Development Manager, Brad Caplan. (Tweet him here.) “First, we have a very tight-knit group that feels comfortable sharing ideas, taking risks and trusting one another. This environment really lends itself to one that fosters innovation. Also, everybody on the team appreciates that our work directly impacts customers – whether those customers are our sales force or Cisco’s customers, it gives the work we do tangible impact and a true sense of importance. Plus, there’s the FUN – who wants to work with people that aren’t having fun?!? ”

So there you go, now you’ve met the dCloud “suits.” You think they’re nice? You should meet the rest of us! Say “Hello!” by using our hashtag #dCloud across social media channels. Let’s see which #dCloud team member replies first!


Join the dCloud team – or other great teams at Cisco. Open jobs are found here.


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