August 18, 2016


The Nitty-Gritty of Cisco Hyperlocation

Have you ever wondered about Cisco Hyperlocation?  Want to know how it works?  Well, then you should check out the write up from the No Strings Attached...

What’s new with Cisco Universal Wi-Fi?

Providing Wi-Fi has always been a land-grab for operators: making sure your service is available in all the locations you can – before your competitors get there first. And service providers have always faced a strong competitive demand to differentiate themselves from others. Here are some ways for operators to do that today: Easier connections […]

From Telecom operators to consumers: How to benefit from ‘free’ Wi-Fi

In today’s highly-developed and ultra-competitive telecommunications markets, there is a widespread expectation among consumers that they should be able to access Wi-Fi for free wherever they are – from cafes and bars to airports, shopping centres, sports venues and public transport. In this era of ‘free’ Wi-Fi, how can service providers finance Wi-Fi deployments? Here […]

Let’s Talk Simply About SD-WANs, Shall We?

If “talk nerdy to me” were to be elevated to an art form, then at Cisco, we’re Rembrandt! Following a recent article suggesting that our naming convention(s) for our line of Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) is confusing — I’d go so far as to say “drowning in six-letter acronyms and Dilbert-esque techno-jargon,” — I […]

7 Use Cases for Wireless Technology in Oil & Gas

I often meet with customers about the first and easiest way to use IoT in an industrial domain: by deploying wireless technology. We have identified 7 main Oil + Gas use cases for the deployment of RF technology (especially WiFi).

The Future as Told by Pokémon Go

Granted. I’m among those who enjoy hearing about the weekly Pokémon Go Darwin Award Winners, including such feats as walking oblivious into traffic and wandering into inescapable caves. That being said, I think that Niantic is on the cutting edge with this augmented reality game that is taking the world by storm. We’ve been talking […]

Complementary Technologies: VoWi-Fi and VoLTE

Learn more from Monica Paolini from Senza Fili and RCR Wireless Last week, my children used Facetime to chat with me while I was traveling to hear the latest Cisco...

Service Providers: Win with Cisco Innovation

The mobile revolution has only just begun… The number of terminals is growing exponentially and the use of video is an ever-increasing trend. A growth of 53% of the yearly mobile data traffic is forecast by 2020. In a context of deeply changing consumer habits, half of the service providers we know today will have […]

Cisco’s IoT Cloud Platform Helps Hugo Go ‘Round the World

At first it was Verne’s Phileas Fogg, then Monty Python’s Michael Palin, and now it is Telefonica’s Hugo Scagnetti to join the ranks of those brave adventurers attempting to go around the world in 80 days. However, there is no wager from the Reform Club, or a BBC TV series in the works here, but […]