video piracy

September 16, 2017


Looking for the most refined weapon to combat piracy? Use data

4 min read

Password sharing for TV streaming apps is a common and challenging phenomenon. Using data science and machine learning, we can detect and categorize account sharing behavior, enabling effective response.

Media Transformation: Security Is Key

2 min read

Security is a key enabler for media companies transforming to IP for video production and delivery. To achieve security, new piracy and cyber threats must be addressed.

Crack-down on video streaming-piracy on the rise

3 min read

Regardless of the ongoing debate on the efficacy of legal action against illegal streaming, there seems to be more legal action initiated, with pretty significant judgments, across more territories and jurisdictions. Two reports on action against illegal streaming caught my eye last month. The first was the conviction and four-year prison sentence for Terry O’Reilly in […]

September 2, 2016


Same Pirates, New Means: From Card Sharing to Content Sharing

4 min read

By Miro Pinkas, Information Security Engineer, Operational Security, SPVSS, Cisco Methods of video piracy have changed over the years — that’s for sure. What hasn’t changed is the motivation to do it in the first place. For one thing, consumers are price-motivated, and “free” is an enduringly popular price point. Viewers are inspired to see […]