Ultra HD

September 9, 2016


Weary of New Product Announcements? Want to Read About Real Momentum, Instead?

2 min read

Instead of increasing the volume of new product announcements coming out of IBC 2016, this blog will focus on what’s really happening in the IP video marketplace. With some obligatory background: A few years ago, our broadcast and service provider video partners asked for a way to transition from hardware-based to software-based, from fixed to […]

At ANGA COM: Advancing Content Protection with DVB-CSA3 Encryption

1 min read

If you’ve been waiting for marketplace evidence of the implementation of DVB-CSA3 — also known as version 3 of the Common Scrambling Algorithm, and the most advanced encryption algorithm for broadcast in the DVB standard — it’s to be found in Cologne, Germany, at this week’s ANGA COM. European service providers need DVB-CSA3 to curb […]

February 18, 2016


Digi-Know? Getting to Multi-Screen Video Is a Days & Weeks Thing — Not a Months & Years Thing

1 min read

In this kickoff video for our new “Digi-Know” video series, Cisco’s Senior Director of Cloud Solutions, Rajeev Raman, discusses the shift of streaming video from a “interesting, let’s dabble” mindset to a “it’s ON, this is real” intention amongst service providers and content owners. Rajeev, whom we were (very!) fortunate to onboard from our recent […]