In this kickoff video for our new “Digi-Know” video series, Cisco’s Senior Director of Cloud Solutions, Rajeev Raman, discusses the shift of streaming video from a “interesting, let’s dabble” mindset to a “it’s ON, this is real” intention amongst service providers and content owners. Rajeev, whom we were (very!) fortunate to onboard from our recent acquisition of his company, 1Mainstream, is a recognized expert in the field of multiscreen video delivery. In his view, the reach of broadband into 80+% of U.S. households, and of streaming devices in 40+ million U.S. households signifies a “game on” environment — which simultaneously ups the ante for necessary service/feature inclusions, like Title 6 video and associated regulatory requirements, as well as parental controls, and cloud-based DVR, to name a few. Also in this video clip: Rajeev’s views on 4K video. (Hint: It’s not just for televisions anymore…)




George Tupy

Market Manager

Service Provider, Video Solutions