If you’ve been waiting for marketplace evidence of the implementation of DVB-CSA3 — also known as version 3 of the Common Scrambling Algorithm, and the most advanced encryption algorithm for broadcast in the DVB standard — it’s to be found in Cologne, Germany, at this week’s ANGA COM.

European service providers need DVB-CSA3 to curb piracy moving forward, with pirates constantly improving their capabilities. Commonly deployed versions of the DVB-CSA standard today have already been compromised: version 1 is commercially hacked and experts say version 2 will be hacked within a decade. And another important motivation for service providers — all major studios now require 128-bit encryption (a key part of DVB-CSA3) on their 4K/UltraHD assets.


That’s why at Cisco we opted, a few years ago, to begin working proactively with set-top silicon providers for support of DVB-CSA3. The result, for our large installed base of customers using VideoGuard Everywhere conditional access, is that their boxes in the field are already DVB-CSA3-enabled.

And by the way, that’s not all we’ve been doing for advanced content protection. We’ve also been adding 128-bit encryption across our hardware and virtualized Cisco DCM video processing systems, enabling our customers to implement advanced security as they increasingly move to software-based systems.

Focusing on what matters to our customers means we always look for the best ways to support their requirements. Which is why we’re also taking an open and collaborative approach to supporting industry standards like DVB-CSA3 for end-to-end implementations. For us, it’s about helping our customers migrate to DVB-CSA3 much more easily and at lower cost when they’re ready.

At ANGA COM you can learn about our multi-vendor end-to-end implementation of DVB-CSA3 with Harmonic’s ProStream platform for video scrambling and multiplexing linked to and working with our VideoGuard Everywhere descrambling, access control and conditional access system.

So – if you’re in Cologne, looking to upgrade your video systems with the latest encryption standard, or you’re gearing up to offer a 4K/UHD offering and want to make sure the security aspects of it are up to snuff with content owners, come by and talk to us. We’re in stand H21, in Hall 10.2, and we’re ready to help you be ready!


Michal Brenner

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Video Marketing