Small Cells Big Thinkers

January 17, 2014


Are Small Cells and Wi-Fi Networks Complimentary or Competitive?

2 min read

As an industry, we are starting to see a convergence of small cells and Wi-Fi to help solve coverage, capacity, and spectrum issues in our increasingly connected, mobile-dominated world. Today...

Bringing Licensed and Unlicensed Small Cells Together

3 min read

The mobile market will be vastly different 10 years from today. We will see two and a half billion more people connected to the internet, but also 50 billion more...

My Global Small Cell Experiences

2 min read

Traveling has been a large part of my career at Cisco. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to travel to customer meetings around the world, discussing...

The Mobile Paradox

3 min read

Today’s world is characterized by what I call the “mobile explosion”—an environment defined by mobile cloud becoming a platform for delivering everything. It is a world of heterogeneous networks, licensed...

Introduction of Big Thinkers in Small Cells

2 min read

Over the past five years, the adoption of small cells has increased dramatically. At Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year the Small Cell Forum announced that we have now crossed...