Teresa McEneny

Director, Mobile Internet

Global Service Provider Segment

As Director of the Mobile Internet Architecture at Cisco, Teresa is responsible for strategic business engagements with top mobile operators worldwide.She also leads the go-to-market efforts for Cisco's Small Cell SP WiFi solutions and oversees the Business Development activities for Cisco’s SP mobility business globally. Over the past 18 months, Teresa has led a global effort scale Cisco’s presence in mobile internet deployments. Her focus is helping mobile operators monetize and optimize the mobile internet while leveraging new technologies.

Previously, Teresa was responsible for various aspects of the Verizon business at Cisco including roles on both the Verizon Wireless and Verizon Business teams.She also led the team that successfully drove some of the first LTE implementations in the Tier 2 Mobile operators in the United States.

Teresa has been in the networking industry for 17 years, 10 of which have been with Cisco Systems.   Three of the 17 years were spent working in Tokyo, Japan.   She is currently based in Dallas, Texas and has a Bachelor of Arts in International Economics from The American University.


My Global Small Cell Experiences

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