Sanjiv Patel

June 22, 2018


How to Identify – and Build – Top Data Science Talent

Check out these four tips for how to identify and build data science talent.

March 5, 2018


4 Ways to Reimagine Your Business with AI

It takes a fundamental shift in thinking to reimagine how artificial intelligence can unlock new possibilities for their business. Sanjiv Patel shares four tips on how to successfully make that shift.

August 1, 2017


A Top Cisco Data Scientist Explains the Secret Weapon for Customer Retention

If customer retention is what keeps you awake at night, then you’ll want to hear what Sanjiv Patel has to say. As director of data science for Cisco, Sanjiv plays a leadership role in our company- and partner-wide digital transformation. Kelly Crothers, director of strategy, planning and thought leadership, recently sat down with Sanjiv to […]