personalized customer experience

July 5, 2019


Finding ROI Gold in Real-time Customer Feedback

1 min read

Companies around the world are starting to catch onto the beauty of real-time customer feedback. But Cisco Partner Local Measure is helping make this a reality for their customers.

April 18, 2019


Wi-Fi Without Reservations

1 min read

When a large hospitality group was looking to improve the quality of their Wi-Fi across several of their restaurants, they called on Cisco Partner iValu8 to improve their customers' experience.

March 27, 2017


Cisco Readiness Assessment Tool Helps to Launch Your Digital Journey

2 min read

“58% of business leaders are investing in either new digital products, services and digital channels to reach new customers in new ways.” – Boston Retail Partners Most of us know that change in any aspect of our lives can be daunting and takes time. However, we also know that change is not only constant, but […]

August 6, 2014


Analytics: A New Model for Creating Great, Personalized Customer Experiences

3 min read

While certainly exciting, buying a new house, can also serve as a revealing exercise in understanding data science. A couple of weeks ago I went to my bank to investigate my financial options for buying a new house. To my surprise, my account manager gave me a stack of paperwork to fill out—and I soon […]