August 26, 2022


6 Reasons to Trust Cisco Certified Professionals

4 min read

Cisco Certified professionals always catch the hiring manager's eye.

July 27, 2017


Leaving Fear Behind – A New Job at Cisco!

3 min read

Frances has been with Cisco for 3 years. Here she shares why she loves where she works - and why you should come and join us!

5 Reasons to Study Networking Technology Now

3 min read

Whether you’re just planning a career or considering a career change, here are five reasons you should include networking technology in your studies.

Connecting Qualified Veterans To The Jobs They Deserve

1 min read

It’s Veterans Day, and Cisco is proud to support veterans and their families in many ways. For one, we look for opportunities to hire veterans at Cisco: Courtney Beard is just one our most recent hires. We also train veterans and military personnel for future careers in information and communications technology (ICT) through the Cisco […]

Connection, Collaboration, and Innovation at the Cisco Networking Academy Conference

2 min read

The annual Cisco Networking Academy Conference opened with a fitting tribute to celebrate its rich 15-year history. Cisco Executive Chairman Emeritus John Morgridge took the stage just days before his 80th birthday and told the audience the story of how Networking Academy was founded. Hundreds of academy instructors and Cisco staff watched in person from […]

Veterans Bring Leadership, Tenacity, to Civilian Workforce

4 min read

This post was also published on the Huffington Post. Recently, a few of my veteran peers here at Cisco made a video that highlighted our military...