When you’re hiring a network engineer, you want to make sure you get the right person. Other job descriptions you see mention some level of Cisco Certification as a qualification.

Why? What makes Cisco Certified professionals so special? you wonder to yourself.

It’s simple. Companies trust Cisco Certified professionals have what it takes because they’ve been tried and tested.  Let’s look at six reasons why so many companies and managers are looking to hire job candidates with a Cisco certification, and why we deserve to be trusted.

Reason #1: Cisco Certified professionals have proven their skills

Perhaps most obviously, Cisco Certified professionals have the skills described in the certification exam topics they have passed. Here at Cisco, we work tirelessly with subject matter experts in each technology to ensure exams cover pertinent technology, as demonstrated in the field.

We use the science of psychometrics to craft exams that test at the right knowledge level in ways we can defend to standards bodies like the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Other subject matter experts review every exam question for accuracy and relevance. While the CCIE has always had a lab component where candidates must demonstrate their skills to pass, we’re incorporating that same performance-driven format in other, traditionally “written” exams as well. 

No network is perfect. Cisco Certified professionals have not only had to configure complex networking features but troubleshoot them as well. They’ve seen things. They know what works and what doesn’t. They can help to proactively prevent outages and mitigate the toughest problems when they do occur. All of this means that when you see someone who has passed a Cisco certification exam, you can be assured that person knows their stuff.  

Reason #2: Becoming Cisco Certified takes determination

It can take someone months, or even years, to prepare to take a certification exam. This requires discipline and sacrifice. It means they are goal-oriented and willing to put in the work to achieve success. If you have some tough challenges in your organization, the Cisco Certified professional will face them head-on and produce amazing results.  

Reason #3: Cisco Certified professionals are resilient  

Roughly 40% of Cisco Certified professionals do not pass their first exam attempt. In fact, the first time I took my CCIE lab exam, I failed. While some might be deterred (after all, it takes a long time to prepare), Cisco-certified professionals bounce back. I studied – even harder – and came back prepared for round 2. And I passed. 

You might think this is the same as “determined” from above. But there’s a nuance to this. Facing failure head-on and being willing to overcome it and keep going is critical in today’s fast-paced digital world. Organizational leaders are encouraging people to take risks, fail fast, learn from the failures, and move forward. Cisco certified professionals exude this ability to iterate and improve. 

Reason #4: Staying actively certified takes continuous learning  

Sure, you want to hire someone that knows their stuff. And as I pointed out in #1 above, the Cisco certified professional does. But do you want them to simply rest on their laurels? Is your business just existing? You are almost certainly innovating, changing, and improving. You want to hire someone who exhibits these traits and can not only keep pace, but lead.

A Cisco-certified professional understands that learning is key. They must regularly complete recertification requirements to keep their Cisco certifications active. To do so, they must keep up with technology. Whether they prepare for another set of exams or take courses, the desire to learn and expand their knowledge is core. 

Reason #5: They belong to an established Cisco community

There’s something to be said about being part of a community that supports and inspires its members. That being said, it’s challenging to find a better example than the Cisco Learning Network Community. It’s an all-in-one support system, a place where they can ask questions, share their ideas, and grow along with other learners, professionals, and experts.

That means that when you hire someone with a Cisco certification, you know that they will have the support of their community to help them overcome challenges. Plus, they have access to other information, study resources, and webinars and videos to help them advance their knowledge and certification status. For example, take a look at this thread on the Top 3 CCNA Exam Study and Preparation Tips shared by the community on the Cisco Learning Network.

Reason #6: Cisco Certified professionals are leaders 

A Cisco-certified professional has been in the industry for at least three years. So, not only do they have the credentials of a strong engineer, but they also have the experience. If you search the hashtag #CiscoCert on Twitter, you can find many attribute their exam success to those who helped and inspired them along the way. They know what it means to be part of a team and to mentor junior engineers. Through the knowledge they have gained and asserted, they have the confidence to help make decisions that shape IT and business strategies. 

Feeling more confident about hiring a Cisco Certified individual? Let me leave you with a bonus:

A Cisco Certified professional does not have any one of these attributes — they have them all. You’re getting a strong, well-rounded engineer and leader who will connect the network more holistically with your business and help drive your digital transformation. 

Learn more about what it takes to earn and maintain Cisco certification. Read these success stories from IT professionals who became certified and how they stand out in their careers. 

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