I’ve always been emotionally connected to the work I do because it changes people’s lives, which manifests into a deeper level of commitment and passion for my work.  Throughout my career, I struggled to find a company that was able to share those same sentiments….until now.

With Cisco, I no longer have to worry. We’re in this together.

Three years ago, a friend approached me and asked if I would be interested in a Contract Recruiter role at Cisco.  I wasn’t looking for a new job at the time, but I’m always willing to listen to someone’s pitch about their career opportunity.  So, I listened, and I liked what I heard. I interviewed, and I was offered the job.  The “easy” part was done. Next, fear and anxiety crept in as I pondered accepting the offer. Immediately, I started seeking validation from people at all levels in my personal and professional life, “Am I doing the right thing? Should I make this move?”

At the time, I was enjoying a productive nine year career with a company where I was promoted steadily, had strong relationships, made a good salary, worked from home occasionally, and had a good team.  On the surface, it appeared to be a great job.  But, the reality was – it had been nine years, and I was out of growth opportunities as a recruiter there.

More importantly, with recent Leadership changes and departures from the team, the culture had changed so much that the team I was committed to and invested in was almost unrecognizable.

I started to wonder, “Do I really have everything I wanted in a role, team, and organization? Am I doing purpose driven work that inspired me, with the best team and resources? Is there something more out there for me?”

I knew the answer.

Yes, a big life change was scary. But through this fear – there was something about Cisco that was speaking to me and I needed to listen. It may have been easier to stay where I had comfortably been for nine years – but, I had done all the growing I would do there. It was time to continue the journey.

If you love what you do, it never feels like work – it’s something we’re all accustomed to hearing, and I’m a true believe in that mantra! Never has that resonated more with me and I attribute this to the Cisco culture and my incredible TEAM.  At Cisco, the culture is about the people, innovation, and changing the world through technology.  I’m empowered to foster my creativity, and pursue interests that I’m passionate about, both personally and professionally. Cisco also encourages me to pursue my ideas and apply them to my work, team, and the clients I support.  This culture and this company is where my passion intersects with action and gives me purpose.

And as if that wasn’t already enough to make me love where I work –  I also get to work on an incredible team! When I think of the greatest teams of all time, I imagine my team right alongside the 1972 Miami Dolphins and 1998 Chicago Bulls.  Okay, it’s a little different – but if anyone ever tries to tell you Sales Recruiting isn’t a sport, they’ve never had to chase down a VP for an offer approval, an hour before a candidate is jumping on a plane to travel to a remote part of the world where there’s no cell phone coverage.  As perimeter defenders, Executive Assistants and Financial approvers give Scottie Pippen a run for his money. 😀 The power of a great team will make history and change the world – and my team is doing exactly that.

We’re also the embodiment of Cisco’s values:

  • We change the world – one hire at a time
  • We win together – From Leadership down, we’re in it together
  • We make innovation happen – collaboratively and decisively
  • We focus intensely on our customers – our beloved Sales organizations
  • We respect and care for each other – no one person is greater than our team
  • We always do the right thing – always

How could you not be excited to work alongside such all-stars each and every day?

I’m so glad I didn’t allow fear to win three years ago, and that I took that leap of faith out of my comfort zone to come live the Cisco life!  I’ve never felt more at home, inspired, and motivated in my career – and it gets better every day. When I look back, I see that perhaps there were things missing in my career previously – but now I have everything I ever dreamed about, and you can too!

Want to join a company that challenges you to grow?  We’re hiring!



Frances Bettis


Talent Acquisition, AMS Sales