Frances Bettis


Talent Acquisition, AMS Sales

My motto…LIFE IS GOOD!

I’m a Recruiter on the Talent Acquisition supporting AMS Sales and LOVE. MY. JOB! I source and recruit top talent to work for the US Public Sector Sales team in North America. I believe it’s my gift and purpose to connect people with their dream jobs; one that will change their lives and the lives of people around them. I’m a do’er, solution oriented, glass more than half full thinker. I’m “let’s do it” not “let’s talk about it.” I’m not always the loudest in the group but I’m there, thinking about the big picture and how we’re going to succeed.

Away from Cisco, I’m a happy Wife, proud Mother and world traveler who loves spin class and Crossfit but not more than a prime RibEye steak and a glass of red wine.

Let’s connect! Follow me on Twitter at @FrancesBettis.


August 10, 2018


Learning to Love Social Media and Using it as a Cisco Recruiting Tool

4 min read

Frances shares how she grew to love social media and how she's using it now as a recruiting to find top talent for Cisco!

July 27, 2017


Leaving Fear Behind – A New Job at Cisco!

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Frances has been with Cisco for 3 years. Here she shares why she loves where she works - and why you should come and join us!