IT modernization

June 7, 2017


Trump Wants IT Modernization Funding, but Will Congress Approve?

If President Trump gets his way in the next fiscal budget, Federal Agencies will get nearly $100 billion to spend on IT. The problem: The president never gets his budget request passed as written, and this president is attracting an unusual number of Congressional critics from within his own party, says Cisco Fellow Alan Balutis. […]

June 28, 2016


Don’t Risk IT: Cybersecurity Risk Driving IT Modernization

Many federal, state, and local government agencies are operating old, outdated and end-of-life network equipment. You may think this just means slower, less efficient operation – not worth the cost to refresh your infrastructure, right? Wrong. Outdated network equipment is actually a major cybersecurity risk, particularly for government agencies, as it makes networks more susceptible […]