higher education

June 10, 2016


Kellogg School of Management Partners With Cisco to Provide Lifelong Learning Opportunities to Alumni

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management was in search of an effective way to deliver education and leverage technology. Their solution? Cisco TelePresence.

May 26, 2016


Insights from the 2016 Presidents’ Conversation in Australia

The Presidents’ Conversation was conceived to bring together like-minded vice-chancellors and presidents in a forum for peer-to-peer discussion about a range of challenges and opportunities relating to universities and the digital economy. The concept of a global conversation of this type was suggested by Professor Mo Qayoumi, who hosted the inaugural conversation at San José State University […]

May 17, 2016


Transforming Higher Education in Australia: Flinders University

The partnership between Cisco and Flinders University in Australia is focused on developing an enhanced digital learning experience for students, showcasing digital campus innovation, and enabling research excellence in digital health. Flinders has always prided itself on being one of the most innovative academic institutions in Australia and through embracing the vision of a digital […]

April 19, 2016


Transforming Higher Education in Australia: The University of Queensland

See how Cisco has partnered with the University of Queensland to bring educational transformation to their campuses.

April 12, 2016


The Role and Opportunities for Universities in the Digital Economy

2016 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting times for higher education in Australia, with universities taking an active and important role in digitizing not only campuses but the wider Australian economy.

April 7, 2016


Transforming Higher Education in Australia

Watch this video to learn more about how four universities in Australia have successfully used digital to transform their higher education institutions.

March 4, 2016


Customer Spotlight: Central Georgia Technical College Creates Blended Learning Environment

For most colleges with multiple campuses, connecting separate locations is a challenge, but Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC), located in Macon, GA, faces a taller order than most: its campus systems extends across 12 counties that total the size of Delaware state! To address lower-than-average student retention rates CGTC decided to reevaluate its teaching model. […]