From the U.S. to the U.K. (and everywhere in between), Cisco is enabling schools and universities to #LearnWithoutLimits through the use of digital technology.

As schools are put under constant pressure to compete for new students, raise academic performance, build safe and secure learning environments, and increase operational efficiencies, digital technology is at the forefront of the conversation.

The definition of ‘digital technology’ is the name given to new and innovative Internet-based technologies (such as video and collaboration, mobility, data analytics and embedded sensor devices) that hold the potential to transform schools and shape people’s lives with a very rich set of infrastructure, applications, and services.

Watch this short video to see how we are partnering with schools and universities worldwide to ‘digitize’ their campuses:

Digital technology has been embedded into everything that Brunel University does to run their university and drive business. It’s an integral part of the campus as a whole, ranging from network infrastructure, to how they manage their buildings, and even how they communicate.

Simon Furber, Network Manager at BU, believes having digital technology that allows educators to educate and researches to research has become a part of everyday life at Brunel University.

John Krull, CTO of Oakland Unified School District (OUSD), is also dedicated to the transformation of education through Cisco technology. By seamlessly complimenting their traditional Cisco switches and routers with 3,500+ Cisco Meraki wireless access points, they have been able to support thousands of devices a day across the school district, regardless of bandwidth usage.

This combination of infrastructure has OUSD positioned to take the next step towards absolute cloud networking in the future.

Comparatively, the University of Guelph is not only increasing student performance but doing so by creating a safe and secure learning environment. Dave Whittle, Associate Director of Computing and Communication Services, has doubled down on security by launching their Security Operation Center with investments in Next Generation Firewall, Information Protection Services, and advanced malware protection.

University of Guelph has made the commitment to identify threats to students and faculty before they even become a concern.

The wave of global digital transformation in the education industry is happening. Cisco and our vast ecosystem of partners can help you plan, build, and execute the implementation of a digital campus in your school or university.

Contact your Cisco account manager for specific solutions that are the right fit for your campus, and remember to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay in the know of the ever-changing global education landscape.


John-Paul Overton

Global Ecosystem Partner Manager

Corporate Marketing