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Cynthia Temesi

Executive Education Consultant
Global Education Organization

Dr. Cynthia Temesi is Cisco’s Executive Education Consultant within the Global Education Organization. Her primary role is to help education institutes realize their Education 3.0 vision. Ed.3.0 is the next generation of educational thinking that drives alignment between the education infrastructure and technical architecture to promote systemic learning and teaching transformation. She is also the architect of a proven 7-step business change model, a model uniquely designed for the educator, and focused on the practical implementation to drive transformational plans.

Her 17 years of leadership in the fields of education and family services combined with the past 10 years of management within Unified Communication and Technology have uniquely positioned her to guide education system leaders in their transformational journey. Her visionary leadership, practical experience and drive toward action have helped many diverse groups move one step closer to their own true vision.

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