Dr. Cynthia J. Temesi, Ed. D.

Innovation Advisor

Country Digital Acceleration

As Cisco's Innovation Advisor in the Digital Impact Office, Dr. Cynthia Temesi spearheads digital transformation initiatives across the U.S. and Canada, leveraging the Country Digital Acceleration and Networking Academy programs. She is dedicated to collaborating with global leaders and their ecosystems to transform digital experiences for communities, fostering technological empowerment and educational equality on a worldwide scale—a commitment that fuels an inclusive future for all. Blending a rich background of 17 years in education, public, and family services with over two decades in technology, Dr. Temesi is uniquely equipped to guide leaders on their digital transformation journey. Her combination of visionary thinking, extensive practical expertise, and a proactive approach has consistently enabled diverse organizations to advance toward realizing their digital aspirations. More about her career: Dr. Temesi’s career began in the field of education where she held positions at State Universities, K-12 Institutions as well non-profit family services. She has been a Classroom Teacher, Elementary Principal, Department of Technology Chair, Adjunct Professor in California, and Ohio. She was appointed to the Child Care Advisory Board of Sunnyvale, CA, where she advised local government officials in matters concerning early childhood care and education. Her commitment to families and young women led her to build and collaborate in a Positive Parenting Lecture Series within Federally Funded Programs for women’s correctional facility, teen mothers, and low-income families, as well as with privately funded family organizations within Leading Bay Area high-tech companies. Her work as Director of Marketing and New Business helped her evangelize a new concept of on-demand childcare for working, active and emergency care needs for families. Dr. Temesi’s last 20+ years have been focused within the technology, communications and collaboration industry holding senior roles in business development, marketing, sales, and integration services. Distinguished and keynote speaking engagements for Dr. Temesi include Brown University, Harvard University, Education Research & Development Institute, American Association of School Administrators, National School Board Association, Cisco’s Education Forum, Cisco’s Women’s Action Network and Mentoring Programs as well as Silicon Valley’s Chapter of The Black Recruiters Network. Temesi holds a Doctoral degree in Education from Akron University, Ohio, with post-graduate work in statistics and master’s degrees in Science and Educational Administration from Miami University, Ohio.


April 11, 2017


Why Technology in the Classroom is About More Than Just the Tools

3 min read

When it comes to thoughtfully placing technology into the classroom and the curriculum, it’s about more than just providing the tools. Kent School District in Kent, Washington knows firsthand about the shift from giving students and educators technology access, to providing them with the right technology access and skills to empower learning. They recently underwent […]

March 14, 2017


Mesa Public Schools Creates Vision for the Future

1 min read

With 62,000 students, 10,000 employees and 87 schools, Mesa Public Schools in Arizona had a huge undertaking when looking to maximize the use of technology in the classroom. What started as a visioning process in partnership with Cisco, led to the comprehensive re-design of the district’s infrastructure a few years ago. Recently, the partnership with […]

December 20, 2016


Educational Transformation Through Vision Workshops: Rochester City School District

1 min read

Last week, I wrote about a multi-phased approach that can be used by school districts to create a vision for the use of technology on their campuses and positively manage change within the district. Today, I want to specifically talk about one school district that used this vision planning process, Rochester City School District. Using […]

December 13, 2016


Educational Transformation: A Guide to Vision and Planning

2 min read

Through the visioning process, you can work alongside educators, administration and students to pave the way for your district’s technology vision to become a reality.

August 11, 2016


Connecting Learning and Empowering Students: Education Trends in the US

1 min read

Critical to workforce development, economic growth and the foundation of our future generation is the digitization of education.

January 19, 2015


#MLKDream – When Vision Becomes Reality

1 min read

It is amazing how a vision can start, grow, morph and become a reality. Van White, President of The Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) and  Rochester City School District School Board President, had a vision, and he had a dream.  His dream was to bring together students from across the county to have […]