Previously on the blog, we’ve discussed why cybersecurity is such an important topic in the education space, including the different types of attacks schools, colleges and universities might face, such as ransomware. But cybersecurity can be daunting – where do you begin? That’s easy – call in the experts.

Here at Cisco, we have scores of experienced security professionals who have dedicated their entire careers to helping institutions like yours navigate the increasingly complex and dynamic cybersecurity landscape. You can learn from these experts in our two upcoming webinars that focus on ransomware in education.


If you’re in the K-12 education space, be sure to register for our K-12 webinar this Wednesday, August 10th. Joey Muniz, Cisco Security Architect, and I will discuss:

  • IT security challenges common in K–12 schools environments
  • The latest threats seen by Cisco security experts
  • Ransomware such as SamSam, Locky/Zepto, and CryptoWall 4.0
  • Best practices to secure your network and IT systems


And for higher education leaders, sign up now for our webinar on Thursday, August 11th. Security experts Nick Biasini and Steve Caimi will discuss topics such as:

  • How today’s ransomware works and the preventative steps you can take
  • Strategies you can implement to reduce time to detection
  • Ways you can mitigate malware even after it invades
  • Which best practices to follow to secure your network and IT systems

Both webinars will also feature a live Q&A at the end so you can ask the experts your pressing cybersecurity questions. Don’t miss the chance to learn how to better protect your school – register now for our cybersecurity webinars for K-12 and higher education!


Matthew Gibbs

Solutions Architect

U.S. Public Sector Sales