Global Partner Marketing

May 5, 2021


Secure your Future at Marketing Velocity Digital

2 min read

Empowering our partners to become future ready is fundamental to their success. As a Marketing organization, we strive to support, enable, and lead our partners to growth.

April 15, 2021


Fellow technology marketers: It’s time to focus on connecting.

2 min read

I am so proud to say that after the award-winning success of our customer advocacy platform called The Cisco Gateway, we are very proud to introduce our new digital marketing community built specifically for our partner marketers: Marketing Velocity Voice.

July 24, 2018


Spring into Action in an Omnichannel World

3 min read

By centralizing customer data, companies can better personalize the customer experience, simplify marketing workflows and grow long-term customer loyalty.

September 11, 2013


Global Partner Marketing Blog Series Kicks Off

1 min read

Cisco VP Sherri Liebo kicks off her new Global Partner Marketing blog series. Read on to find out what she'll be blogging about.